Farmers Produce

Farmers Produce, a division of Cloverleaf Cold Storage, specializes in meat fabrication and packaging services focused on short runs and custom designed processes. These services are provided in dedicated facilities staffed by meat and poultry professionals. Located in Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, and North Carolina, these USDA inspected establishments are purpose built to ensure food safety through proper sanitation, temperature control, and strict adherence to industry best practices.

Some of the biggest names in the industry trust Farmers Produce because of our commitment to excellence in our facilities and personnel, which has earned a reputation of delivering superior quality, value and service. Whether boxing under the widely recognized Farmers Produce label or using customer-supplied materials, we are truly an extension of our customer's business.


• Sioux City, IA

• Chillicothe, MO

• Napoleon, OH

• Sanford, NC


Services Offered

• Boxing and freezing

• Air and Water tempering

• Boning and trimming

• Metal detection

• Foreign material inspection

• Heat sealing

• Special component packaging

• Netting and Foiling

• Pre-pricing

• Export services

• Customer configured processes


Specialized Programs

• Market Protection

• Holiday Surge

• Kitting and Packaging


Dedicated to Service

Delivering Superior Food Safety and Quality Service to our Customers every time.